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Broken Bones in Dog Bite Attacks

Dog Bite Attorney in Long Beach

Dogs are capable of exerting considerable force with their jaws when they bite down.  When hunting or fighting other animals, this allows them to cause substantial damage and possibly immobilize their target.  Unfortunately, they are capable of causing this same damage when attacking a human being.  With such strong biting force, dogs often leave victims with crush injuries and broken bones, and these injuries can have further ramifications that seriously affect the individual.  Crushed or broken bones can result in partial or full disability in a person, and can even lead to paralysis or loss of use in a limb in serious cases.  Such injuries may require extensive medical treatment, or ongoing therapy that lasts for years or for the duration of the person's life.

If you have suffered broken bones in a dog bite attack, contact a Long Beach dog bite lawyer immediately.  They may be able to secure compensation from those responsible that will enable you to treat your injuries in a comprehensive manner, and possibly allow for a full recovery.

Are you in need of legal assistance in your dog bite case?

The Law Office of Leonard Matsuk possesses ample experience in assisting individuals in their dog bite cases, and we can provide you with high quality legal service in your case.  Our 30 years of practicing law has given us the skill and knowledge needed to effectively represent our clients in court, as well as the tenacity required to get results.  We fight each case with the goal of a favorable outcome for the client, and we are always available to answer questions or provide needed information.  Contact us today if you have sustained broken bones from a dog bite, and we will work hard to improve your chances of receiving fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Contact a Long Beach Dog Bite Lawyer if you require legal assistance after suffering broken bones in a dog bite attack.

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